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Why Your Biomass Boiler Could Be A Waste Of Money


This may strike you as a bit of an odd title for a blog post from a company that designs, installs and maintains biomass boiler heating systems…but bear with us.

We still very much believe that when it comes to energy management, biomass boilers are one of the best investments your company can make. However, many people are sold these highly engineered machines under the premise that they can be run like conventional fossil fuel burners and still achieve more efficient heat generation.

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Although a biomass boiler uses the same working principle as its less sophisticated counterparts, it is engineered in such a way to allow for subtle changes to be made in order to increase performance and efficiencies.

Keep in mind, that just because something has the capability to be more powerful and efficient, it does not mean that it will outperform other machines straight out of the crate.

If you run a biomass boiler like a conventional boiler, then you won’t be making the most of your investment and may even be reducing the lifespan of its parts.

Changes, such as an increase or decrease in heat demand or fuel quality can impact your boiler’s performance and efficiency – this is where its settings and parameters make all the difference and where biomass boilers can really shine.

Visualising your biomass boiler and plant equipment performance is key to a more efficient and profitable heating system.

Knowing what parameters to change and when to change them isn’t a guessing game, you can visualise your boiler in real-time via remote monitoring software wherever you are, with just an internet connection and desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Quality biomass boilers have free, built-in visualisation capabilities, however, this software only gives you access to your boiler and some buffer stores.

To truly get the most out of your boiler, we would recommend intervention from your biomass boiler maintenance provider. Entering into a remote monitoring contract with a specialist, such as Shaw Renewables gives you the peace of mind that your investment is being looked after by a team who understand how to get the most out of your boiler.

Our remote monitoring support includes

  • A dedicated team monitoring your system performance and changing parameters to increase efficiency
  • Additional monitoring capabilities of energy, temperature, flow rates and volume data directly from your heat meters
  • Specialists accessing high level boiler settings using installer codes that are not available to customers
  • Engineers intervening when errors occur, often remotely, reducing down time

You can find out more about our Maintenance and Servicing contracts here