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Biogas boiler service

Biogas boiler and burner servicing and maintenance in the UK

Our experienced heating engineers carry out your biogas boiler service to manufacturer standards, optimising your system and improving performance.

Our biogas boiler experts have the knowledge to diagnose faults and repair all elements of your system.


Biogas Boiler Service

Servicing Contracts Tailored to your needs

Should Ofgem audit your system, our biogas boiler service reports are proof of your compliance to RHI rules. 

Servicing your biogas boiler regularly according to your manufacturer run hours guidance will help to:

Our Biogas Boiler Service includes


  • Clean and examine turbulators
  • Examine the thermal insulation
  • Examine gas valves
  • Manually check servomotor
  • Check for excessive vibration
  • Examine boiler gaskets
  • Examine and clean the burner
  • clean and examine gas fiilters
  • check function of safety equipment

examine and Optimise

  • adjust burner
  • clean gas filters
  • examine mixer operation
  • clean burner combustion head
  • check boiler operation
  • check burner operation
  • check temperature controller settings
  • adjust unit to give optimum efficiency figures
  • check expansion vessel and system pressure

service report

  • report any defects
  • advise on the best way to resolve defects
  • advise on maintenance schedule
  • report any early signs of wear and tear on components
  • advise on gas quality

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Heat Plans


Servicing Contracts Tailored to your needs

When biogas boiler faults result in your business being without heat and hot water, our skilled and specialist heating engineers are on hand to help you.

Our heat plans provide biogas boiler breakdown assistance with options to suit both your needs and budget. Paying a yearly premium or monthly by direct debit for one of our heat plans helps you to avoid unexpected bills in the event of an expensive breakdown.

Heat Plan 1

  • Biogas Boiler service
  • out of hours support
  • no standard callout fee
  • Mileage discount - 30 miles
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 10% labour discount

Heat Plan 2

  • Biogas boiler service
  • out of hours support
  • NO standard callout fee
  • Mileage discount - 40 miles
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 15% labour discount
  • 5 hours of labour included

Heat Plan 3

  • biogas boiler service
  • out of hours support
  • no standard callout fee
  • mileage discount - 40 miles
  • Remote Monitoring
  • 15% labour discount
  • 10 hours of labour included
  • 10% discount on parts

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Optimisation Surveys

Optimisation Surveys - Supporting the success of your plant

Shaw Renewables has been a trusted name in the bioenergy sector for over a decade, specialising in combustion generation, maintenance and energy plant optimisation.

We specialise in optimising biogas and biomass plants to increase efficiency, output and profit. Our skilled team of experienced engineers can identify processes and highlight resources that could be optimised, from incorrectly sized pipework or updating boiler settings to utilising flare gas or improving drying equipment and techniques.

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