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3 Reasons For Your Biomass Boilers Poor Performance


If your investment isn’t meeting expectations it can be frustrating as well as costly. We’ve listed 3 possible reasons for your biomass boilers poor performance.

Inadequate Servicing 

Getting your boiler serviced may seem like a no brainer but if your boiler isn’t serviced correctly or thoroughly it could be wasted money.

A fully trained and competent servicing engineer should inspect, gaskets, moving parts and connections as well as thoroughly clean the ash and any clinker from biomass boilers components.

Incorrectly Sized System

If your installer designed a heating system that was oversized or undersized, it would explain your biomass boilers poor performance.

If your system is oversized for demand your boiler will short cycle, turning on and off more frequently to meet your heat and hot water needs whilst potentially consuming more energy as well as wearing parts and shortening the life of your boiler components.

This will also reflect in your metering.

If your system is undersized for demand your boiler won’t cycle and will continue to combust, working around the clock to try to meet demand, but never achieving it. Boilers are designed to have downtime, so this continuous call for heat could cause boiler breakdowns, insufficient heat production and a far longer waiting time for your spaces to get reach warmer temperatures if the boiler does turn off.

If you suspect that your heating system has been incorrectly sized having your system assessed by a competent engineer is the best direction to go in – they can investigate whether your system has been sized correctly, or diagnose other issues.

As of October 2018 RHI rules allow you to replace biomass or biogas boilers that are performing poorly with a correctly sized boiler. To find out more about replacing plant equipment contact our team on 0151 424 1433

Issues with Secondary Side

Your secondary side equipment such as heat exchangers, air blowers or radiators could be causing your boiler to be performing poorly.

Older equipment could slow down heat transfer and poorly maintained heat emitters may have dirt, or air stopping hot water from filling them.

A competent heating engineer can identify issues and make recommendations after assessing your whole heating system.

If you would like your heating system assessed or would like to get your biomass or biogas boiler serviced you can contact the Shaw Renewables team on 0151 424 1433