Woodhouse Biomass Fuels supply Quality G30 Wood chip to the North West

Woodhouse Biomass Fuels

We can facilitate collection of the wood chip from our headquarters in West Lancashire as well as tipped or blown delivery.

We supply customers with:

> G30 Virgin chip

> G30 Whole Tree Chip

> G30 Grade A Chip sourced from recycled, clean timber

We dry our chip to 25% moisture content, which provides value for money and is helps to maintain your boiler’s efficiency.

For prices and availability or any queries regarding our services please contact us on 0151 424 1433.

False Economy vs. Real Quality

In our capacity as biomass boiler maintenance engineers and the owners of a woodchip system, we have an experienced insight into wood chip fuels and the direct impact that poor quality timber has on a boiler’s efficiency and capability.

Although cheaper fuels may appear to be good deal, you may pay the price for a bargain. Look out for:

Moisture content

The higher the moisture content of your chip, the less calorific timber you receive. The weight of the water will directly affect how much timber you get in your “ton” of chip. Moisture also affects the efficiency of your biomass boiler, clogging mechanical parts and forcing your highly engineered machine to work harder and wear parts faster.

Shape and size

G30 and G50 chip have clear size and shape requirements – auger (screw) feeds can move this easily from store to boiler. The less uniform your chip, the more likely you will experience issues with your fuel feed – fuels jams and dust can cause costly issues.


Woodhouse Biomass Fuels


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