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RHI – Plant Replacement


Along with recent changes to RHI legislation, there are some upcoming changes which will hugely benefit participants of the RHI scheme ensuring their RHI tariff, even when their installation breaks down.

Coming into force 1st October 2018

Plant replacement

This amendment allows plants to be replaced when an original installation breaks down. Participants will be allowed to replace their plant with a new ‘like-for-like’ replacement – ‘like-for-like’ refers to the technology type and capacity. Replacement plants will be able to maintain their original RHI tariff for the remainder of their participation on the scheme.

Larger capacity replacements will be accredited, however, any increase in capacity will not be eligible for support payments.

Where the capacity of the replacement plant is less than that of the original plant, the threshold for Tier 1 payments will be calculated in line with the replacement plant capacity.