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This years renewable roadshow 2012 was hosted at Event City manchester and we went down to see what was new and exciting in all things renewable.

We enjoyed speaking to manufacturers of products we are already using, giving us a chance to discuss the products in more detail. WILO- we have enjoyed using wilo pumps admittedly in part down to cost but also and more importantly build quality and reliability.

Fröling supply their boilers with Wilo pumps which got us looking at them again. Have have heard some installers talk about Wilo as budget pumps with poor quality, if we are honest it has influenced our choice in the past on choosing pumps and we have tended to use other brands. However we since the introduction of the A-Rated pumps we have looked at a number of suppliers, and found Wilo to be of competitive price, great quality and great customer service. We spend allot of money on pumps in a typical system around £2000.00 with hydraulic pumps, network pumps and domestic side pumps, so a good relationship with a good sales rep is key to driving prices down and be as competitive to the customer as possible.

We are always looking at new technology and innovative ideas in this fast growing market and a road show is a good place to see these products on display and annoy the reps with all the difficult questions i save up for such opportunities.

So many new products such little time. Its too easy to get distracted by the latest products and inventions out there that can some time pull our attention away from learning to master the ones we are currently working with and first getting the best out of these existing products and respective relationships, however we are always on the look out for products to make of installations more efficient, cost effective and most importantly to best fulfil the needs of our clients.


Renewables Roadshow 2012 plumb centre shaw renewables biomass


The need for space is a big factor when making the decision on whether to go for biomass and in the UK we rarely make provision for this when building and so products that can reduce installation space are a big interest to us. At present with the domestic RHI not yet in operation most of our installs are and will be on a commercial scale and so there is generally more space on site but with the domestic RHI coming in to play the not so distant future and for the smaller commercial premises we are keen to find these solutions now. we were pleased to find products the over come these issues and we are looking at a number of items to start using in the near future.

When starting from the ground up without big financial backing from banks its not easy to take time out of contracts to go to exhibitions and other trade event but in this case it was time well spent and we look forward to reaping the reward.

We will keep you up to date on the new products as we install them.