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Our first biogas plant open day…

Biogas Plant Open Day - March 3rd - Shaw Renewables

We have a Biogas Plant Open Day coming up – March 3rd 2016 – Click here to find out more and book your space…


February 27th saw our first biogas plant open day in the UK take place. Attendees from across Great Britain joined the BioConstruct and Shaw Renewables team in Suffolk to take a tour around the 499kW anaerobic digester.



Representatives from industrial and agricultural businesses were shown around the plant by the AD management team at Boxford Suffolk Farms.


The farm grows fruit which is bought by supermarkets and fruit juice producers. One of the companies that purchase their fruits for juicing has a juicing factory only yards away from the anaerobic digester; it is in this factory that the apple pomace they feeds the anaerobic digester is created. Tonnes of apples are pressed at the juicing factory every day, which ensures that the feedstock put in to the biogas plant is produced at a sustainable rate. The Boxford Suffolk Farms’ feedstock solution not only takes vehicles (therefor pollution) off the roads, it also encourages growth in the local economy by adding maize silage, grown by a local farmer, to the mix of substrates fed in to the plant.

A live feedstock loading was organised for the attendees, a job that the farm Director explained takes only around 40 minutes each day.


At the afternoon session Andreas Bröcker of BioConstruct demonstrated their visualisation software which allows you to monitor the plant remotely. Also speaking was Wayne Hurley representing ADBA who joined our panel for the Q&A session. The knowledge of the plant owner and plant managers was invaluable to the attendees who were eager to discover how they had found the planning and installation process as well as their experiences maintaining the plant.

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We were thrilled to receive such positive feedback from all who attended and are looking forward to hosting many more informative open days.