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Biomass – 80kW Merseyside






Wood Pellets

Key Benefit

£280+* per annum (oil vs. pellets))

Services Provided

  • Design of RHI compliant system
  • Installation and commission of Fröling P4 pellet boiler
  • Installation of 2no. 1500L Buffer Tanks
  • Installation of Pipework
  • Design and installation of the fuel store
  • Installation of heat emitters

Plant Room

A pre-existing workshop houses:

  • 80kW Fröling P4 Biomass Boiler
  • 2no. 1500L Buffer Tanks
  • Expansion vessel
  • pipework
  • fuel store

Heat Usage

Space heating and DHW:

  • Luxury Cattery and small animal accommodation
  • 7 bed detached house

Space Heating:
Site Office
Site Shop

More Information

Pets Country Manor provides luxury boarding for cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and more. During autumn and winter months the animal accommodation needs to be kept warm and dry, requiring large amounts of heat.

The newly installed biomass boiler system easily meets all of the business’ heating and hot water needs as well as supplying our customer’s once teeth-chatteringly cold detached house with enough hot water and heating to keep them toasty warm and bobble hat-free.

The area the property is situated in doesn’t receive gas and as oil was a pricey alternative, our customers decided to have a biomass system installed after learning of the efficiency and cost effectiveness they offer. Radiators were installed in to the site office/shop, detached house and the animal accommodation.

An existing out-building was converted to house the boiler, buffer tanks and a 6 tonne capacity fuel store. The automated fuel feed delivers wood pellets in to the boiler via a suction hose. Hot water and heat travel to the house, shop and animal accommodation via underground mains, ensuring the aesthetics of the property are not effected.

The installation took 3 weeks from boiler delivery to boiler commissioning.

This business is now emitting 4 tonnes less C0² a year (oil vs. pellets)