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Biomass – 110kW Lancashire




Higher Tatham


Wood Chip

Key Benefit

£6,000+* per annum (oil vs.pellets)

Services Provided

  • Design of RHI compliant system
  • Installation and commission of Fröling T4 wood chip boiler
  • Installation of 1800L Buffer Tank
  • Installation of 2200L Buffer Tank
  • Installation of Pipework
  • Design and installation of the fuel store

Plant Room

A pre-existing outbuilding houses:

  • 110kW Fröling T4 Biomass Boiler
  • 2200L Buffer Tank
  • Expansion vessel
  • pipework
  • fuel store

Heat Usage

Space heating and DHW:

  • Farmhouse
  • 2 holiday rental properties


  • Milking Parlour
  • Milk Tank

More Information

The large amounts of hot water needed on this dairy farm make a biomass boiler the perfect solution to cutting production costs for our customers.

The wash downs and milk tank swill outs were costly on the original electric hot water system, but the Fröling woodchip boiler ensure hot water is delivered on demand all day with almost no recovery time needed, at a fraction of the cost.

The farm house and two holiday lets were heated using oil. Now all three properties, as well as the dairy parlour have hot water and heating provided by a single system running off a fuel that is up to 9p cheaper than electricity per kW.

Eager to have their system commissioned before a reduction in RHI payments, our customers were thrilled that our engineers worked around the clock to get the installation completed. An existing barn houses the 110kW Fröling boiler, a 2200L buffer tank and custom built fuel store. Pre-insulated underground mains pipes carry heat for domestic hot water and space heating from the plant room, across the yard to the farm house and holiday lets.

The dairy has constant 87˚c water available 24 hours a day for wash down, equipment cleaning and bulk tank swilling. Radiators provide thermostatic space heating in the farm house and holiday lets. A second 1800L buffer tank is housed in another workshop around 90 metres from the plant room. This buffer feeds heat and domestic hot water to the dairy and farm house.