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 Biomass Myths vs. Truths

As biomass boiler installers, we often have people questioning us on certain issues regarding biomass, some of the most frequently asked questions are concerning myths that are associated with burning wood fuel. Below are 3 of those myths and the truth about them.



Myth: Biomass promotes deforestation

Truth: The UK government have put into place regulations that ensure that certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC ( programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification’) fuel providers source their wood from sustainable sources. Grade 1 quality wood pellets for example, are created using waste timer and responsibly farmed wood which conforms to the latest European Standard. ENplus which assesses the whole supply chain, guaranteeing customers receive premium quality wood pellets.


Trees for biomass myth busting post Shaw Renewbles



Myth: Burning wood releases carbon into the atmosphere, so is no cleaner than fossil fuels.

Truth: All organic matter releases carbon into the atmosphere, whether it’s being burnt or decomposing. When burnt, fossil fuels have no means to counterbalance the carbon emissions they release. Wood biomass only releases the carbon it has absorbed and retained during it’s life and the responsible production of biomass fuels ensures trees are planted to replace harvested wood.

This creates a closed carbon cycle, absorbing and releasing carbon over decades, making it possible for your heating emissions to be carbon neutral within your lifetime.closed carbon cycle diagram for shaw renewables website-01



Myth: Biomass boilers are hard work

Truth: For many, the concept of burning wood to create heat or electricity conjures images of open fires and cast iron wood stoves sat in fire places having to be stoked and topped up every hour or so. Forling wood pellet and wood chip boilers are fully automated, feeding fuel from a store into the combustion chamber of a boiler via a suction hose or auger feed. this automation allows the system to function 24/7 without the need for daily labour, a simple emptying of the ash bin, at the most, every few weeks when prompted by the boiler itself is all that is required from the user.froling-system-CS6