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Biofuels – does anyone use them?

biofuels shaw renewables biomass installers

10 years ago the future of transportation was seemingly destined to be reliant on fossil fuels for a long time to come – for many the outlook is still the same, with fossil fuel alternatives (biofuels) appearing to be a novelty idea.

However,  it’s 2015 and the landscape is a little different…

There are over 8, 266 electric car charging points across 3,191 UK locations 

And almost 29,000 less petrol forecourts in the UK than there were 40 years ago – a huge step in the right direction as we look to decarbonising our cities and suburban areas.

99% of Mcdonalds restaurants recycle their cooking oil to create biofuels for their delivery trucks 

This sends a huge message to other corporate bodies about their corporate and social responsibilities.

Marks and Spencers use non-crop derived biofuels in it’s fleet of vehicles 

This is helping to lead the way in truly sustainable transport.

Bristol council have a bus service that is fuelled by biomethane developed from human waste 

The bus, brilliantly, takes the number 2 route.

‘cow poo bus’ sets speed record

biofuels shaw renewables biomass installers

Round the world flight in Solar Powered plane

biofuels shaw renewables biomass installers

The future doesn’t seem quite so reliant on fossil fuels anymore…

All data was correct at time of publishing.