Biogas Plants | Anaerobic Digestion

Biogas plants harness the power of some of the earth’s most readily available and sustainable commodities – crops, by-products and waste. Shaw Renewables Ltd. have partnered with BioConstruct, who have installed over 210 biogas worldwide and own and manage 18 of their own AD plants. The knowledge they have acquired over the years is invaluable to the UK where anaerobic digestion is still a growing process for creating energy.


anaerobic digestion plant biogas biomethane waste to energy


Business Benefits

Turn waste into a commodity reduce waste management costs and create a profitable circular economy

> Utilise your by-products in-house – directly benefit from your by-products by generating heat and power on site, or profit from exporting energy and biogas

Use or sell your digestate as super-fertiliser – benefit from each stage of the anaerobic digestion process, including the left-over matter (digestate)


Environmental Benefits

Reduce Greenhouse Gases – diverting biological matter away from landfill sites and capturing the methane released prevents harmful gases entering our atmosphere

Sustainable – waste and by-products are a fuel which cannot be depleted in the same way the fossil fuels are being used up, so is a constant source of energy.

Circular Economy – as well as organic matter being diverted away from landfill, the reduction of greenhouse gases produced by vehicles transporting waste and by-products makes a big impact on the environment.



BioConstruct Intelligent Biogas Plants

BioConstruct Intelligent Biogas Plant


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