Fröling Biomass Boilers

In our capacity as biomass boiler installers, we have seen many brands and models of biomass boiler and we would highly recommend Fröling – they are built to last and designed to be efficient throughout their life.

Shaw Renewables are Fröling biomass boiler installers, we work nationwide installing biomass boilers. 

Froling boiler installers

Fröling has specialised in wood biomass technology for over 5 decades, becoming a world leader in biomass boiler manufacturing. 36 of their products carry the Austrian ecolabel, awarded to products that meet a high standard of serviceability and quality whilst meeting a number of environmental criteria.

Froling biomass boiler installer shaw Renewables

Fröling biomass boilers are self-igniting, self-cleaning and can self-load straight from a fuel store, so maintenance is minimal, only requiring a simple ash emptying at intervals of what can sometimes be months apart. With over 40 models of biomass boilers and over 10 models of buffer tanks, there is no “one-size-fits-all” philosophy to a Fröling installation. Each bespoke system designed and installed by Shaw Renewables will produce the right amount of heat for your needs, so there is no energy waste or excessive fuel consumption.


As well highly efficient boilers which provide thermal energy, Fröling manufacture wood biomass CHP (combined heat and power) units providing both thermal and electric energy. You can find out more about their CHP on our Fröling CHP page.

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The complete solution to heating with wood biomass…

Fröling boilers offer a complete solution to heating your business with wood biomass, with boilers ranging from 7kW – enough to provide all of the space heating and hot water needs of a 3 bedroom house, all the way up to 1MW – enough for around 400 apartments! The biomass boilers can be cascaded, where two or more boilers work together to feed heat stores – this makes wood-fueled heating system limitless in scale and scope.