Redefin, Germany

2.9MW – 30% Poultry Litter


“I recommend BioConstruct to anyone looking for an all-round carefree package. These guys really took care of everything from A-Z. They planned and built all of my biogas plant’s components, including access roads, silo, halls, manure storage facilities and so on. And they took care of the complete product development process. The result is a tailor-made, highly profitable biogas plant featuring a unique heat concept. Through a 17-km-long gas pipeline we feed 5 CHP units and thereby supply the town of Hagenow with heat. It  comes as no surprise that everyone in town approves of our plant.”

Ulf Wegener – Plant owner


Redefin, Germany

Installed by BioConstruct:



30% Poultry Litter


2 x 250kW CHP units

1 x 550kW CHP unit

3 x 630kW CHP units

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