Oswestry, Shropshire

50kW Fröling Log Boiler

Our customers wanted to switch from an oil fuelled system to reduce their fuel costs as they have their own supply of wood on site. The large farmhouse and site office heated using existing radiators which are now plumbed in to the biomass system.

oswestry 1

As the boiler burns logs, fuel must be fed in manually, however for a working farm, this is minimal work and doesn’t make any significant changes to the customer’s lifestyle. The 2 week installation time meant disruption was kept to a minimum.

A log gasification boiler works well for this customer as they have regular access to timber onsite, this rids them of high oil costs.  The farmhouse and lambing preparation facility now benefit from hot water on demand which is stored in the large capacity buffer tanks. An existing building was adapted to house the boiler, buffer tanks and fuel.