Biogas – Krukum, Germany

1MW  –  Variable Feedstock


This biogas plant was built by BioConstruct for BioConstruct and when built in 2010 was Germany’s first demand-controlled biogas plant, producing electricity and heat whenever they are needed. Operated as a research and development plant that allows them to test virtually every aspect of the bioenergy production and the utilisation process before they recommend it to clients.

As well as being a testing facility, the plant is fully operational and feeds electricity into the grid. Heat is delivered to areas around the plant. The diagram below shows the extent of this plant’s operations.

bioconstructs Melle plant (Conflicted copy from Jayne’s iMac on 2015-01-20)-01


Krukum, Germany

Installed by BioConstruct:



Varies – different substrates tested


2 x 370kW CHP      1 x 190kW CHP        1 x 150kW CHP