Energy Pod – 400kW Scunthorpe

400kW Heating Solution

Our client required additional thermal energy for heat processes, drying and space heating on their dairy farm – an Energy Pod was ideal for them – even before their AD plant was producing biogas!


We supplied a 40ft containerised Energy Pod, which housed 2 plants rooms, divided by an internal wall. The plant rooms each contained a 199kW Viessmann biogas boiler, biogas burner, pressurisation unit, expansion vessel, safety group sets, heating manifolds and gas safety monitoring equipment.

The system was delivered to site before their completed biogas plant was able to produce gas, so we converted the boilers to temporarily run on oil so that heat could be provided to the plants digesters until the anaerobic digestion process was producing enough biogas. Once biogas was available we returned to site to convert the energy pod to burn biogas and commissioned the system.

Shaw Renewables Biogas Boiler

Sector:          Agricultural

Location:      Scunthorpe

Fuel:              Biogas 


40m3/hr Biogas


  •  Design of RHI compliant system
  •  Installation and commission of 2no. containerised 199kW biogas boiler
  •  Connection of system
  •  Installation of Pipework
  • Conversion of system to burn oil
  • Conversion of system to burn biogas


2 containerised plant rooms now house:

  • 2no. 199kW Viessmann Vitoplex Boilers 
  • 2no. manifolds
  • Burners
  • pressurisations units
  • Expansion vessels


Space and process heating:

  • Various buildings across site

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