Energy Pod – 199kW Wales

199kW  Skid Mounted Heating Solution

The client was in the process of building their biogas plant and required more thermal energy for process heat use on site. 


Shaw Renewables Biomass Biogas renewable energy Shaw Renewables Biomass Biogas renewable energy


After surveying the biogas plant design and discussing the customer’s requirements we sized and designed a system that provides the additional heat required. As well as meeting their heat needs, the Energy Pod has optimised the plant’s profits through the RHI scheme.

We delivered a skid mounted 199kW biogas boiler complete with gas booster, biogas burner, RHI compliant meter, pressurisation unit, expansion vessel and safety group set.

The skid was built at our workshop and delivered to site ready to be placed in a pre-existing agricultural building and connected to their biogas plant.

Shaw Renewables Biogas Boiler

Sector:          Agricultural

Location:      Ceredigion

Fuel:              Biogas 


40m3/hr Biogas


  •  Design of RHI compliant system
  •  Installation and commission of a skid mounted biogas boiler
  •  Connection of system
  •  Installation of Pipework


A skid mounted plant room now houses:

  • A 199kW Viessmann Vitoplex Boiler 
  • Gas booster
  • Biogas burner
  • RHI complient meter
  • Pressurisation unit
  • Expansion vessel
  • Safety group set


Process heating:

  • various applications

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