Barton, Preston

100 kW Fröling Pellet Boiler

This Dairy farmer in Barton, Preston chose the Froling P4 pellet boiler to heat their family home, dairy and produce plenty of hot water for the parlour wash down and bulk tank swill out.

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A 100 kW P4 pellet boiler and two 1800L buffer tanks were installed into an existing building alongside the dairy. A large capacity pellet store was installed outside the plant room and the automated Fröling suction system delivers pellets to the boiler. The fuel store holds enough fuel for months of heat production, minimising fuel deliveries.

Heat is delivered to the farm house via a network of pre insulated underground pipes. Our customer wanted to retain their existing oil boiler within the farm house for back up, so Shaw Renewables designed the system to be controlled with a simple mechanical change over switch.

The dairy is provided with space heating to give equipment frost protection and background heat for workers via a high level main and controlled by a thermostatic programer. 87˚c DHW is instantly available for wash downs and bulk milk tank swill outs. The constant high temperature is perfect for keeping bacto scan levels low.

A Blended DHW outlet was designed within the system to allow for easier calf milk preparation.

There has never been a better time to reduce costs and generate and guaranteed index linked income into a Dairy business and that is exactly what this forward thinking farm has done.


p4 80 kW


The installation of

  • 100 kW Froling P4 pellet boiler
  • 2no. 1800L buffer tanks
  • Pre insulated underground heat main
  • Automated fuel feed
  • Pipework and all plant room equipment
  • Boiler Commissioning
  • Design of RHI compliant system



  • Dairy heating loop
  • Dairy hot water
  • 4 bed detached farm house



Existing outbuilding



Fuel savings: Over £5,000 per annum (natural gas vs. wood chips sourced from woodland on site)

RHI : Over £11,000 per annum / over £230,000 of total payments over 20 years

Capital return: Under 5 years (based on RHI payments only)


 * These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings and payments and are based on figures relevant to the date of boiler commissioning.


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