Energy Pod – 400kW Derbyshire

400kW Chilling solution

Our Client had an existing Biogas Plant with approx. 1.2mw thermal output and wanted to utilize the waste heat from their two CHP’s.

The plant was only using approx. 20-30% of the available heat across the year for Pasteurizing and heating the digester.

The client wanted to utilise the waste heat on site and provide additional heat to boost and maximize the income of the plant and make a considerable impact on the existing food produce business.

We designed and built a system that delivers approx. 1.6mw of energy to the existing Biogas plant and to the onsite food processing business. The system utilizes the existing heat from two 599kw CHP’s with the addition of two 199kw Biogas boilers.

The cooling aspect of the system is delivered by two Absorption chillers which take the 85-90’c heat and deliver chilled water at 4-6’C, this is then used in AHU’s for space heating and Plate coolers for process wash water.

The Heating and cooling water is delivered via a large heating and cooling network of underground pre-insulated mains.

The whole system maximises the heat available from the plant and delivers substantial cost saving to the existing business in electricity and heating and a large benefit to the product they produce while increasing the income from the Biogas plant.

Total income from the system includes RHI payment, fuel savings on heating, electrical savings on cooling and reduction in spoilt produce, the exact income is yet to be understood from the produce side of things however the total impact is likely to be around £550,000 per annum.


The customer is part of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI), benefiting from payments for 20 years.

You can find out more about the Government’s RHI scheme on the Ofgem website.


Shaw Renewables Biogas Boiler

Sector:          Food Production

Location:      Derbyshire

Fuel:              Biogas 


360m3/hr Biogas


  •  Design of RHI compliant system
  •  Installation and commission of 2no. containerised 199kW biogas boiler
  •  Connection of system
  •  Installation of Pipework
  •  Procurement and installation of Absoprtion chillers
  •  Installation of AHU units


2 containerised plant rooms now house:

  • 2no. 199kW Viessmann Vitoplex Boilers 
  • 2no. absorption chillers


Space and process heating:

  • Warehouse
  • Process and dispatch facilities


  • Wash water
  • Space cooling warehouse
  • Space cooling process and dispatch facilities


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