Biomass – 110kW Bedale

110kW Fröling Wood Chip Boiler

This North Yorkshire Farm is now benefitting from reduced heating costs and additional revenue into the business since switching from an oil burner to a biomass boiler.

Bedale North Yorkshire Biomass boiler install by Shaw Renewables the bioenergy specialists

The boiler, fuel store and 600L expansion vessel are housed in a purpose built room. The extensive property has all of its heating and domestic hot water needs met by a single Froling T4 110kW Wood Chip boiler – this is facilitated by a heat network.

The heat network connects the heat source (biomass boiler) to remote heat stores (buffer tanks) via pre-insulated underground pipe. A series of these pipes are connected to buildings, creating a network which allows the single Froling boiler to produce enough heat energy to supply central heating and domestic hot water to 6  buildings across the site.

Switching from an oil burner to a woodchip boiler affords fuel savings of around 2p/kWh.


The customer is part of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI), benefiting from payments for 20 years.

You can find out more about the Government’s RHI scheme on the Ofgem website.

Shaw Renewables Biogas Boiler

Sector:          Agricultural

Location:      Bedale

Fuel:               Woodchip


Over £3,000* per annum (oil vs. Woodchip)

*These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings.


  •  Design of RHI compliant system
  •  Installation and commission of Fröling T4 Wood Chip Boiler
  •  Installation of 2no. 1500L Buffer Tanks
  •  Installation of Pipework
  •  Design and installation of fuel store


A purpose built brick building houses:

  • 110kW Fröling T4 Biomass Boiler
  • 2no. 1500L Buffer Tanks
  • Expansions Vessel
  • Pipework
  • Fuel Store


Space heating and DHW:

  • 5 bed farmhouse
  • 2no. three bedroom semi-detached houses
  • Farm Office
  • Workshop

Space Heating:

  • Greenhouse

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