Energy Pod – 630kW W’church

370kW Containerised Biogas Boiler

The Client was installing a 2.4mw electric plant and required a startup and back up boiler to accompany the 4no. CHP’s on site.



The sites processes heat requirement is 720kW; this base load heat is essential to the plant’s operation and without it the production of biogas would stop.

The brief was to supply a system that will deliver a constant 720kW of heat should the plants CHPs stop running or a shortage of biogas occur.

We delivered a fully integrated 72okw dual fuel boiler with a gas boosted, gas and oil safety interlock system. Included was an 8 way heating manifold to control and integrate seamlessly into the site process heating network.

The client wanted a BMS control panel that would integrate with their process control system, so we built a bespoke control panel to provide control over boiler, booster pump loading and VT circuits.

The energy pod was delivered in a 25foot container and arrived on site ready to connect to the large heat network gas system and bunded oil tank.

The boiler was run in oil for the 5week startup process until the Plant was able to produce Biogas at the required quality and was then switched over to Biogas.

Shaw Renewables Biogas Boiler

Sector:          Microgeneration

Location:      Whitchurch

Fuel:              Biogas 


144m3/hr Biogas


  •  Design of RHI compliant system
  •  Installation and commission of containerised 630kW biogas boiler
  •  Connection of system


A containerised 25ft plant room houses:

  • 630kW Viessmann Vitoplex Boilers 
  • Pressurisation unit
  • Expansion Vessel
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Pressurisation Unit
  • Pumps, sensors and motos compliant with Ofgem Regulations


Process heating:

  • various applications

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