Wrexham, Wales

120kW Fröling Log Boiler Cascade

Our customer required heat for a 10 bedroomed detached farmhouse as well as hundreds of litres of hot water for cleaning and lambs milk preparation on his farm in Wrexham, Wales.

120kW Fröling Log Boiler Cascade from Shaw Renewables - biomass boiler installers

A 120kW Fröling log boiler cascade was the perfect solution for our customer as he had many tonnes of timber on site, from fallen trees and woodland management. Because of the scale of the property and the level of modulation that he required to deliver efficiency over high peak winter demand and low summer domestic hot water demand we installed two 60kW Fröling S4 Turbo biomass boilers in cascade, coupled with three 2200L buffer tanks.

The plant equipment was installed into a purpose built boiler house and fuel store.

Heat is delivered to the farm house for heating and hot water, the farming business for log drying, via a 20kw fan coiled blower and a domestic hot water system for cleaning and lambs milk.

Although the system needs daily filling and lighting the customer is delighted with the efficiency of the boilers and the small quantity of ash remaining in the biomass boiler once the fuel is burnt.

A cascade was a fantastic solution for this project, allowing the heat load to be sized correctly and should any error occur in one boiler, the customers will not be without heating or hot water as the other continues to function.

Shaw Renewables Biogas Boiler

Sector:          Agricultural

Location:      Wrexham

Fuel:               Log


Over £2,000* per annum (oil vs. Log)

Logs are sourced from woodland on site

*These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings.


  • Design of RHI compliant system
  • Installation and commission of 2no. Fröling s4 Boilers
  • Installation of 3no. 6600L Buffer Tanks
  • Installation of Pipework
  • Installation of Fan Coiled Blower


A purpose built plant room houses:

  • 2no. 60kW Fröling S4 Biomass Boilers
  • 3no. 6600L Buffer Tanks
  • Pipework


Space heating and DHW:

  • 10 bed farmhouse
  • Various agricultural buildings

Space Heating:

  • Fuel store


Shaw Renewables Biomass Biogas renewable energy


Shaw Renewables Biomass Biogas renewable energy


Shaw Renewables Biomass Biogas renewable energy