Biomass Heating

Commercial Biomass Boilers

Shaw Renewables specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of biomass heating and electricity systems.

Biomass energy is most commonly produced by combusting or “gasifying” timber, a process which has been greatly improved upon in the last 60 years – modern timber biomass boilers have efficiencies of up to 98%.



Business Benefits

> Reduced costs – switching to timber fuel could save you between 10 – 74% on your fuel costs

> Efficiency – remote monitoring software is often built in to top range boilers, such as Fröling, allowing you to run your system in the most efficient way for your needs.

> Reliability – a well built biomass boiler can easily out live a gas or oil burner

Biomass Boiler installer Froling Shaw Renewables

Environmental Benefits

> Carbon neutral – The CO2 emissions from the cultivation, processing, transportation and combustion of wood fuels are 70% less than that of their fossil fuel counterparts.

Sustainable – to encourage energy producers to use fuels that guarantee at least a 60% CO2 saving compared to the european fossil fuel average, the UK government have produced a list of woodfuel providers which meet sustainability requirements so that anyone buying fuel can choose to buy responsibly farmed, processed and transported timber fuel.