Our highly efficient biomass boiler plants provide on-demand space heating and hot water without emitting the high levels of carbon that traditional fossil fuel burners do. 





How does a biomass boiler work?

Biomass boilers work in the same way as a traditional fossil fuel burner, combusting fuel in a chamber to produce heat. Our solutions use automated fuel delivery which moves woodchip or pellets from a fuel store to the biomass boiler’s combustion chamber.

An igniter blows hot air into the chamber to ignite the fuel. Biomass boilers differ from open fires as they burn timber fuel at a very high temperature, causing it to go through a process called gasification.

The hot gases rise from the combustion chamber through a flue and pass through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to the water used in the property’s heating system. Any heat that isn’t called for instantly is stored in a buffer tank (also called a thermal store) which stores heat until it is called for by the secondary side of the heating system.


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