600kW Preston, N. England

3no. 20ft Drying PodsShaw Renewables supplied both the primary side and the secondary side of this system to the customer. The primary side, and heat source for the Drying Pods was a 850kW Woodchip Biomass Boiler solution, based in a purpose built plant room.



3 individual 200kW 20ft containers combine to produce 600kW heating capacity. Internally, a wall of fan coil blowers provides concentrated heat to the rest of the container, which is being used as a timber store.

As the drying pods are self-contained, they have been placed remotely on site and are connected to the heat source via pre-insulated underground pipes – the trench work can be seen in the first image, to the left of the containers.

The 3 Drying Pods were fabricated offsite and transported to the customer ready to connect and begin drying timber.


Drying TimberĀ 

Heat source:

Biomass Boiler

Capacity of Drying Pods:

200kW each | combined capacity of 600kW ________________________________________ To find out more about our Drying Pods and request a quotation, please complete the enquiry form below and a member of the team will be in contact soon.