What is Minibems?

Minibems is a demand management system for complex heating systems that enables significant energy reductions and cost savings.

Minibems is the only solution that integrates the control and monitoring of the control plant, heat network and the heat consumers.

The system meets the demand required at any one time, rather than operating the whole system at a constant temperature all year round. This means that if an individual consumer (e.g. an apartment within a block of flats) increases or decreases their demand, the system will respond accordingly.

Minibems hiu energy management systems monitoring system energy efficiency

Minibems has been shown to achieve a 25%* built in energy-saving across the entire heat network.

Efficiency is achieved through weather compensated variable temperature control of the entire heat network. Our energy management system dynamically reduces the heat network’s operating flow and return temperatures, working to meet actual demand rather than operating the whole system at constant temperatures all year round.

The intelligent and user friendly bems system sequences heat generating according to the overall requirements of the heat network, as well as each appliance’s ideal operating environment. * Actual energy savings are site and system specific.


> Commercial heating – Minibems is ideally placed to provide efficient and precise heating in commercial applications such as factories, grain drying facilities and office complexes.

> Domestic heating – Minibems can deliver cost-saving, zonal heating and hot water control for domestic applications such as blocks of flats, hotels, care homes and large residences where different levels of heating are required in different areas of the building.

> District heating – District heating systems deliver heat to multiple buildings via a single source. Utilising Minibems in a district heating system grants the heat network manager visibility of the entire network, as well as the ability to monitor individual energy usage.

> Communal heating – Communal heating systems, such as those which supply apartment blocks, can benefit from better visibility, greater control and metering options through the use of Minibems.

> Individual heating products – Minibems can be incorporated into individual heating products to provide better control, increase efficiency and reduce running costs.



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Minibems hiu energy management systems monitoring system energy efficiency


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Endorsed by experts

The award-wining Minibems product provides unrivalled control and monitoring functionality.

Minibems technology has been supported by energy experts from the private and public sectors.

The product of several years of intense research and development, Minibems has received over £600,000 of funding from the Department of Energy & Climate Change, Innovate UK and Shell.

Minibems was also crowned Regional Finalist at the Shell Springboard Awards 2016.


Minibems hiu energy management systems monitoring system energy efficiency