Shaw Renewables are biomass boiler installers

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of bioenergy systems, such as biomass boilers, CHPs, Anaerobic Digestion plants, biogas boilers and many more.


We believe that energy doesn’t have to cost the earth…

 which is why we install low carbon, sustainable energy systems that are efficient and reduce the fuel costs of businesses throughout the UK.

Everything we do is inspired by our vision and values.

Our vision is to see Great Britain powered by renewable energy and our values of honesty and integrity provide the framework for how we do business.

We are biomass boiler installers. We are Fröling servicing partners. We are installers of leading brand biomass boilers – we only install the best biomass boilers for your needs.

Shaw Renewables are accredited biomass boiler installers who design, install and maintain biomass boiler systems. Biomass is the name given to organic materials. Some of these materials contain high levels of energy (calories) which can be released and used for heating. The most common form of biomass fuel is wood – logs, wood chip and wood pellets have high calorific values, making them an excellent carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuels.

How does biomass work?…

Biogas is a fuel mainly comprised of methane which is produced by the fermentation of organic matter, such as food waste, arables and livestock waste. Biogas plants use a process called anaerobic digestion to extract methane from organic waste – this methane can then be processed for many applications.

What is anaerobic digestion?…